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Research cannot happen without your help. Taking part in a research study or Patient and Public Involvement Group may not always help you directly, but you will be helping to develop new diagnostic tests and treatments for others.

At Perspectum we make advanced medical imaging technology that can help doctors make better decisions, personalise care for patients, and ensure better outcomes.

Perspectum’s Volunteer Database is a database of patient contact details linked to medical information. If you wish to sign up we will ask you to fill out an online consent form and a health questionnaire to enter your demographic and medical information.

Based on this information we can send you invitations to participate in ethically approved research studies or Patient and Public Involvement groups run by Perspectum or external organisations such as Universities, companies or the NHS.

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Participant benefits

  • Receive targeted invitations to join studies suited to your health status
  • Receive invitations to join Patient and Public Involvement groups suited to your health status

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